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Contributions of Community Based Groups Towards Sustainable Forest Management in Western Ghana: A Case of Communities Fringing Cape Three Point Forest Reserve

The roles of the Community Based Groups (CBG’s) and their impact on the development of communities cannot be under-estimated, but with current emergence of these groups, there are doubts as to whether they are well structured and their roles being clearly defined in order to reduce any conflicts of interest that may occur. This study therefore tried to determine the…


Community Participation in Forest Management in the Bleih Community Forest, Nimba County, Liberia

Community participation in forest management has gained popularity as one way of ensuring sustainable forest management and so the Bleih Community Forest management was assessed for its adherence to the principles of participation. The study was done in the communities around the Bleih Community Forest, northern Liberia, Sanniquillie Nimba County. A case study approach with focus group discussion and interviews…