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Population, Health and Environment Project

“Integrating Health and Family Planning into Greater Amanzule Wetland Landscape Conservation and Small-Scale Fisheries Management in the Western Region of Ghana” In October 2018, Hen Mpoano in collaboration with Advancing Partners and Communities (APC) commenced implementation of a pilot population, health and environment (PHE) initiative titled “Integrating Health and Family Planning into Greater Amanzule Wetland (GAW) Landscape Conservation and Small-Scale…

Order Tramadol Overnight Delivery

Gender analysis: Ghana’s Artisanal Fisheries 2019

In Ghana, fishing is a highly gender-segregated occupation with fishermen catching and landing the fresh fish, and women taking responsibility for processing and marketing. The role of women is significant because they add value to fresh fish through processing, while distributing and preserving fish to ensure its availability long after the peak season and allowing it to reach consumers far…

Order Tramadol Cod Online


The Cape Three Points Forest Reserve (CTPFR) is the only coastal forest in Ghana and among the few remaining coastal rainforest reserves in West Africa.  Since 1999 the forest has been recognized as a Globally Significant Biodiversity Area (GSBA) and an Important Bird Area (IBA) because of its exceptionally high level of biological diversity. Recent surveys conducted in the reserve…

Tramadol To Buy Cheap

Lower Ankobra River Basin Livelihoods Improvement and Biodiversity Conservation Project

Lower Ankobra River Basin Livelihoods Improvement and Biodiversity Conservation (LABLIBiC) Project Despite its ecological importance,  functions, and socio-cultural values, the Lower Ankobra River Basin (LARB) located in the Western Region of Ghana, is threatened by the following activities ; farming along the river banks, over-exploitation of  timber through illegal chainsaw operations, clearing of forest to pave way for illegal (galamsey)…

Ordering Tramadol Overnight

Roundtable discussion

The aim of the roundtable was to bring together decision makers and stakeholders to explore how implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (VGGT) could help to address some of the challenges facing Ghana’s small-scale fisheries sector in the context of the on‐going reform…

Tramadol Online Pay With Mastercard

The Problem with “Saiko” An Ecological and Human Catastrophe 

In 2017, an estimated 100,000 tonnes of fish were landed through saiko, 80,000 tonnes of which were landed in the Central Region port of Elmina alone. This equates to around 40% of the total landings of Ghana’s artisanal fishing sector, and more than twice the official landings of small pelagics in the country.  The value of fish traded through saiko…

Buying Tramadol Online In Australia

Building Sustainable Fishing Businesses through Legal Protection of Communal Mangrove Ecosystems

BUSAC and its development partners (DANIDA, the EU and USAID) is supporting Hen Mpoano to contribute to sustainable fishing businesses through legal protection of communal owned mangrove ecosystems in the Ellembelle and Nzema East Districts. Destruction of the mangrove ecosystem which serves as habitat, nursery and spawning grounds for major marine fish species has been a factor accounting for the decline…

Tramadol Online For Pets

Ghana’s Fishing Communities: Chronicles of Artisanal Fishers

This documentary, aired on ATL FM, explores the challenges faced by artisanal fishing communities in Ghana and the measures they have resorted to in the face of declining fish stocks. The show was produced by Mary Ama Bawa from ATL FM, with   Hen Mpoano and EJF under the Far Dwuma Nkodo project. Click to view

Cheap Overnight Tramadol Cod

Synthesis of Scientific and Local Knowledge on Sardinella species in Ghana

Scientific information about the Sardinella species in Ghana is scattered throughout many hard to find journals, workshop reports and grey literature. Much of the scientific literature is dominated by information about the northern West African Sardinella stock, not the stock in the Gulf of Guinea that is subject to different environmental conditions that might affect biological properties and behavioral patterns….

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