Hen Mpoano Publishes New Paper on Coastal Landscapes of Southwestern Ghana

In the coastal landscapes of Southwestern Ghana, sustainable supply of ES faces an uncertain future due to multiple pressures driving rapid land use changes. Perceptions of, and preferences for, CES align with land-use visions related to afforestation, infrastructure development, agriculture expansion and tourism. In the study area and similar contexts where an array and diversity of individual and societal values exist, effective negotiation and facilitation are essential for harnessing and optimizing land-use planning for CES supply.

Outcomes of the study revealed that in the coastal landscape of Southwestern Ghana, values, perceptions and preferences of LUPAs underpin socio-ecological interactions aimed at maintaining and enhancing CES supply. In addition, it indicated that future supply of CES is characterized by an interplay between multiple and diverse perspectives about plausible land-use futures.



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