Ghana Coastal Fisheries Governance Dialogue: Presentations, Discussions and Outcomes from a Stakeholder Forum on Issues for Reforming Governance of Ghana’s Coastal Fisheries

February 26, 2024 - In Fisheries Resources Publications

The Fisheries Governance Dialogue highlighted that much common ground exists between fisheries stakeholders in their understanding of the need for reform. A critical point emphasized by this meeting was the need for ongoing dialogue to ensure that the voices of all stakeholders are considered in the process of designing and implementing co-management and nested systems. As momentum for implementing co-management builds, such dialogue needs to occur on a more regular basis than has been provided for by the two Fisheries Governance Dialogue meetings held to date. Conversations following the dialogue have led to a proposal for a Fisheries Co-Management Working Group to be convened in Accra. The objectives of this group would be to build on lessons highlighted in the dialogue, co-ordinate efforts at piloting co-management systems, and provide a forum to consolidate learning from such pilots.

  • HM_Presentations-discussions-and-outcomes-from-a-stakeholder-forum-on-issues-for-reforming_opt pdf (2362kb) [ download ]

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