Sustainable Oceans Project

Sustainable Oceans Project

Building grassroots capacity for a sustainable ocean economy in Ghana, christened Sustainable Oceans Project is a NORAD-funded project implemented through a consortium: Environmental Justice Foundation as coordinator, Hen Mpoano, Friends of the Nation and CEWEFIA.

Project Goals and Objectives

The project’s overarching goal is a resilient and sustainable ocean economy in Ghana achieved through inclusive, strong and effective capacity, planning and management of coastal ecosystems.

The key objectives are: 1) Reduce fishery declines, build sustainability and secure fisherfolk access to sustainable fisheries resources, achieved through governance reforms to address over-capacity and illegal fishing, and enhancing participatory co-management; 2 ) Improve income resilience of fishing communities to climate and resource declines through enhanced opportunities in supply chains and enterprise development ; 3) Strengthen climate change adaptation capacity in coastal areas through improved spatial and land use planning and community-led management of wetland and mangrove ecosystems.

The project will build fisherfolk capacities to participate in the management of resources they depend upon for their livelihoods: strengthening their voices in national decision-making and empowering grassroots actors to document and report on illegal fishing activities. The project will support fisherfolk associations to advocate for transparency and governance reforms in the sector, as well as supporting enforcement actions against illegal fishing. The project will improve the livelihoods of women fish processors and traders through value addition and improved fish processing techniques, and support fisherfolks in improved financial management and access to credit. The project will strengthen efforts to establish community-led management of estuarine resources and mangroves, and use outreach to replicate successes. The project will research and advocate for enhanced protection of critical mangrove habitats, including through incorporation into local strategies and land use plans, in line with national policies on climate adaptation.


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