Our Vision & Mission

We envision a world where inclusive and integrated management of coastal and marine ecosystems generate long-term benefits to nature and people.

Our Mission is to provide technical, policy and extension support to actors in government, private sector and civil society through capacity building, research, networking and project development in fisheries and coastal ecosystem governance. 

News and Events

Hen Mpoano Publishes New Paper on Coastal Landscapes of Southwestern Ghana

Hen Mpoano Publishes New Paper on Coastal Landscapes of Southwestern Ghana

In the coastal landscapes of Southwestern Ghana, sustainable supply of ES faces an uncertain future due to multiple pressures driving rapid land use changes. Perceptions of, and preferences for, CES align with land-use visions related to afforestation, infrastructure development, agriculture expansion and tourism. In the study area and similar contexts where an array and diversity of individual and societal values exist, effective negotiation and facilitation are essential for harnessing and optimizing land-use planning for CES supply.

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Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2020

Since its establishment, Hen Mpoano has undertaken a number of projects which fall within its core mandate. This report for the period 2019 to 2020 presents a summary of activities carried out in the areas of fisheries and coastal zones management.

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What We Do

Our approach to fisheries governance is through research, multi-stakeholder engagements and policy advocacy for sustainable fisheries management.
We adopt integrated and participatory approaches to coastal landscape issues and work at multiple scales, deploying a wide range of tools.
We design and implement sustainable livelihood interventions geared towards reducing poverty and food insecurity in communities we work.
Our gender programme area addresses gender needs by conducting gender assessment and analyses; development of gender mainstreaming strategy.


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With Our Partners, We are Making Our Coast a Better Place

In collaboration with our local and international partners we are helping address food insecurity, climate change, over-fishing, gender inequality, urbanization and poverty.


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Hɛn Mpoano (Our Coast) is a legally registered Ghanaian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)