Training on Satellite Dish Installation and Refrigeration for Youth in the Western Region

Training on Satellite Dish Installation and Refrigeration for Youth in the Western Region

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Training on Satellite Dish Installation and Refrigeration for Youth in the Western Region

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana in March 2020, it was considered that this unanticipated development could have dire consequences on the artisanal fisheries sector which is central to the economy and the livelihoods of 300,000 men and women in over 300 coastal communities. It is against this background that the SFMP COVID-19 response project became necessary. The project aimed at preventing the spread and mitigating the economic effects of COVID-19 among vulnerable households in fishing communities in Ghana

As part of the project’s livelihood interventions, Hen Mpoano facilitated a training workshop on the installation of Satellite dish and Refrigeration repairs for 10 selected beneficiaries from Ellembelle, Jomoro and Nzema East District in the Western Region of Ghana. The five-day training workshop was organized at Gyatuah Guest House in Winneba from 22nd to 26th February, 2020. The beneficiaries were also introduced to the concept of environmentally sustainable practice in social entrepreneurship. Each of the 10 beneficiaries received start-up materials and a certificate.

Robert Tetteh, one of the young men who benefited from the training is already providing services to households in Axim where he lives. He had this to say to USAID-SFMP and Hen Mpoano

“With the help of Hen Mpoano through the SFMP project, I’m able to install Multi TV and DSTV satellite dish as an additional livelihood to fishing. I am convinced that this skill will support me and my family during the upcoming close season which starts on July 1.”

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