Fisheries Policy Advocacy Training

Fisheries Policy Advocacy Training

As part of SFMP’s effort to increase women participation in fisheries co-management decision-making process, and also improve their livelihood and well-being, capacity of women within the fisheries sector are being built to take leadership roles and be much involved in the fisheries management decision making process.

In view of this Hen Mpoano organised a two-day Fisheries Policy Advocacy Training Workshop was organized to train and build the capacity of women on how to advocate on Fisheries issues and also get to learn some relevant portion of the Fisheries Act especially those relating to illegal fishing methods and reporting.

Workshop Objectives/Expectations

  • Build the skills of women to advocate against illegal fishing practices and help sustain the fisheries sector in an effective way
  • Encourage participation of women in fisheries decision and policy making process
  • Educate women leaders in relevant portion of the fisheries policy especially those relating to illegal fishing methods and reporting

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