SECRIFISE_Law Enforcement Activity Report

SECRIFISE_Law Enforcement Activity Report

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SECRIFISE Law Enforcement Activity Report

In line with the strategy to eliminate child trafficking, especially in the fisheries sector, the SECRIFISE project seeks to improve institutional capacity and coordination for enforcement of anti-ClaT legislation and reporting by community structures to law enforcement agencies. The training was done in two folds; at the Regional and District level. The Regional level training was conducted in partnership with a sister project- “Support to the Fight Against Human Trafficking in the States of Gulf of Guinea” implemented by Expertise France and with coordination from the MoGCSP

A series of workshops were organized by Hen Mpoano for Law enforcement officers drawn from include Anti- Human trafficking Unit of the Ghana Police, Ghana Immigration, Economic and Organized crime Office (EOCO) and FBI and staff of the attorney general’s department. The second phase of the training also brought to the training, members constituting child protection structures at the grassroots such as the DCPC, assembly men, CCPCs and child rights advocates in addition to law enforcement. 





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