Report: Hen Mpoano Builds a Child Labour and Trafficking (CLaT) monitoring database

The Child Labour and Trafficking (CLaT) monitoring database, built by Spatial Data Infrastructure and Management Information Services (SpIMS) was undertaken with the intention of producing a state-of the art relational spatial database system to enhance long-term monitoring of children at-risk and survivors of trafficking. The database was developed under the auspices of the EU-funded Securing Child Rights in the Fisheries Sector (SECRIFISE) project led by Hen Mpoano and implemented in partnership with Challenging Heights and CEWEFIA.

The activity aimed to develop a spatial database for purposively monitoring at-risk and trafficked children over the long-term. By extension, the database makes available a detailed and up-to-date spatial information about trafficking for utilization by decision makers in the human trafficking space to track trafficking victims and reintegrate them with their families after rescue. To this end, the database possesses an advanced structural data entry functionality which accommodate all current and future data structures generated on trafficked children in Ghana.

Download the report here 

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